Slow and simple living

Thanks for joining me here. My intention for this blog is that it is a space for my continuing journey towards a slower and more simple life. I’ve been on this path a good few years now, with my husband and two children. A couple of years ago, we were living in a nice house in the London suburbs, but we felt that something was missing. Life just felt a bit ‘flat’. We were spending a lot of our time commuting, and even on the weekends, we’d find ourselves taking long drives to spend time in more hip areas.

So we took the plunge, we got rid of all the clutter we’d accumulated (we had expanded to fill the space available), sold most of our furniture (it would have been too big for the new place) and sold our semi-detached house. We moved down to Brighton, to a smaller terraced house in the city centre, 15 minutes walk from the sea, and paid off the mortgage (which is pretty life-changing, in your early 40s). Some people thought we were mad, downsizing with two young children, moving to a new area when we seemingly “had it all”. But it felt like coming home, and we haven’t looked back.

The secret of happiness you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less



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