I’m a 40-something mum living in Brighton with my family, although I’m originally from Newcastle. All of the aspects of my life complement and feed into this drive for slow, simple living – we are fortunate to be able to home educate our two wonderful children, currently aged 5yrs and 13yrs. It is joyful watching them grow and develop, day by day. I teach slow, mindful yoga and yoga nidra (a practice of “radical rest”, try it, if you haven’t already), and I’m also a practising Buddhist, with 9yrs meditation experience.

I’ve been on this journey towards a slower, more intentional way of living for several years now, always learning. I really feel that this has become the hub of our “life-ethos”, with all the facets of our lives around it.

I love nature walks, coffee, birds, the sea, camping and a good book (although not necessarily in that order).

I will write more about my personal journey with the move towards slow and simple living in the weeks and months to come. Do get in touch with your own stories, I’d love to hear from you.